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Distribution Planning

Streamline the flow of supplies and balance inventory across multiple network locations.

Supplymind’s Distribution Planning solution for hospitals and health systems was conceived to make product delivery more efficient. We determine which products, in what quantities, and at what locations are required to meet your demand. Our goal is to minimize shortages and reduce the costs of ordering, transporting, and holding supplies. It’s a time-based approach that determines when inventory is likely to be depleted, and also plans replenishment to avoid shortages. 

Supplymind’s solution can be used internally — for large hospitals with several inventory locations, and between hospitals within a health system. It combines demand sensing, forecasting, current inventory levels, target safety stock, suggested order quantities, replenishment lead times and more.

Key Features:

  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization.

  • Time-phased demand-driven distribution plan.

  • User-friendly interface to plan and execute transfer orders.

  • Easy integration with existing execution systems.

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